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You make the music, we'll introduce it to the WORLD.


What we do:

  • We promote and showcase your music to the world for free - using our website, social media, TV and radio.  This is a non-exclusive license from you to us.  We don't provide downloads of your music, we don't sell your music and make no money from it.  We put your link or email address on your page

What you do:

  •  You sell your own album directly to customers.  However you have to make sure the music is yours and you have the rights to all the songs

Keep the rights:

  • the music remains yours & you keep all the rights

How to use this servie?

  • all artists will have to agree to the terms of the contract on this page, upload their master & artwork, give us permission to showcase their music.  

Why do we do this?

  • Because we want to see the culture of worship spread among the Nations.  Because we are worship leaders and we want to support the community of worship leaders.

Attention All Artists:

    You'll need to fill-out and agree to this "Artist Agreement" to be on this site.  Please scroll down the form all the way to the end and be sure to click on "SUBMIT" botton.




 Please scroll down to the end of the agreement.