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About Us

Who We Are

  • Nations in Praise (Home of FarsiPraise) is a group of lead worshipers dedicated to train worship leaders around the globe, provide extensive worship resources, encourage an innovative worship culture and spread Christ’s love through praise and worship among Farsi-speaking Muslims and Christians worldwide. 
  • The original site (FarsiPraise Ministries) was started by Dr. Fariborz Ansari (an Iranian worship leader) in 2001.  The site was blocked by Iranian Islamic government in 2007 and shortly after it was maliciously hacked in 2008.  It took 3 years to rebuild the archive and re-launch the site in 2011 under the new name of Nations in Praise.

What We Do

Global Mission

  • Engaging in global approach to reach and win as many hearts as we can for Christ through music and worship ministry.
  • Using media such as satellite TV, Youtube, blog and facebook to reach the unreached


  • Training a new generation of worshipers and worship leaders using sound Theology. 
  • Systematically and Biblically training the worship groups of isolated churches around the globe. 
  • Leadership training of Western missionaries who are serving among Iranians to effectively use their ethnic music as a tool to strengthen their mission.


  • Providing meaningful resources in establishing or nurturing worship communities around the globe. 
  • Offering an online worship resource center to reach out to the persecuted/underground churches in Iran. 
  • Presenting an extensive & comprehensive online-Farsi-worship-song archive.

Enhancing Skills

  • Holding vocal and instrumental clinics for worship teams. 
  • Encouraging excellence.


  • Studio recording and production of worship CDs, DVDs, tools and resources. 
  • Digitally distributing new worship songs recorded by emerging worship artists.
  • Continuous spiritual and technical support to Farsi worshipers in various countries.
  • The translating of English contemporary worship songs into Farsi, obtaining copyright permission and distributing it among the Farsi-speaking communities.


  • Elevating the knowledge of the importance of Biblical worship; encouraging emerging churches to establish Spirit-led worship communities. 
  • Elevating the knowledge of one’s need to worship God as a natural response to His presence in one’s life.


  • Holding worship concerts as an outreach which is an effective way to reach the hearts of many who may never step into churches 
  • Exposing the music enthusiasts and seekers to Christ (online and in-person – over 13,000 monthly visitors to our site, mostly from Iran and the European countries).