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Community Guidelines

Respect the Worship Community:
        1.  Please don't abuse the site
        2.  Please respect the copyright laws and don't make illegal copies of the songs
        3.  Please support and encourage the artists
        4.  Please encourage those who are new talents - let your criticism be constructive
        5.  Honor the time and financial investment put into this site - start by praying for us and those who have worked hard to bring these resources to you

    Nations in Praise Guidelines:
        1.  This site is for everyone, any age.  However, we only accept and showcase Christian music.
        2.  Respect copyright.  Only upload music that you made or that you are authorized to use
        3.  We encourage everyone from any country to upload their songs/albums and  use the site for promoting their songs/albums.  
        4.  We accept original music even from those who may not think they are good singers.  God loves your worship and we love your worship.  
        5.  We never sell your song without your permission.  All the previews have a voice-stamp burned into them to prevent un-authorized use.  If you have questions or comments, please let us know via Contact Us page
    Nations in Praise is for the Community
        1.  Have fun with the site.  A lot of people are making great music, so explore the site and encourage the artists.
        2.  If you have a song or a new album, share it with the world through this site.   There is no fee and you keep all the rights to your music.
        3.  Let us know what you think - we'll try to improve our services
        4.  You may not like everything you hear.  That's ok.  If it's a technical issue, let us know, otherwise pray hard for that person.
        5.  Lastly, let others know about this site.  Put our link on your sites and spread the good news.